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Dance Expressions

Creating excitement nurtures our inner child and helps to unlock the secrets to a happy soul!

At Dance Expressions, Elite Gold, Gold, Elite Silver, Silver and Bronze awards are presented to each child based on a set score. Special award ribbons created by our "Special Awards" judge, are given out for each age category regardless of what score the competitor receives. Additional "surprises" are given out throughout the day. We make it exciting!

Encouraging laughter in the face of error helps to create well adjusted adults, who possess a great self image!

Do you remember the "funny" times of wearing someone else's tap shoes(2x bigger) because you forgot yours? Misplacing your Charlie Chaplin moustache and having your Mom drew one on with a sharpie. Knowing that at Dance Expressions, we encourage laughter in the face of disaster!! Besides this is suppose to be FUN!!!

With each new friend we meet... our heart becomes a little bigger!

Competitions...create lasting memories of dance friends both old and new. What better place to meet people who love something as much as you do!! Cheer for them, encourage them and then exchange numbers. You may see them again at another workshop or competition! As the director of Dance Expressions, I truly encourage teachers and students alike to network with each other. We are a "unique" group of people who function best, when supported by each other.