Scoring, Awards, Criteria


All entries will be adjudicated based on a point system by our three judges. Winners will be presented medals based on the following scores:

Elite Gold        300 - 285

Gold                 284.9 -270

Elite Silver      269.9 - 255

Silver               254.9 - 240

Bronze           239.9 and below

Score sheets and audio tapes will be available at the end of each age division.


Elite Gold, Gold, EliteSilver, Silver and Bronze medals will be given out to each participant based on a set score. Each member of the winning team will receive a medal. One medal will be presented on the day of the event and additional medals will be sent directly to your studio within three weeks. NEW this year, we will be awarding high score plaques to beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers in each age division and category. A trophy will be awarded to OVERALL HIGH SCORE each age division and a cash award will be given to the highest score of the day. (NOTE: In order to be eligible for a High Score Award a dancer/dancers must score of at least 255. .) (Awards will be announced at the end of each age division unless categories are too small and can be combined with others.

Special Award ribbons will be given out at each awards ceremony. These awards are created by our talented "Special Awards" judge. These are given out regardless of what score the competitor receives.

Director Awards

* Technical Excellence               * Most Creative Choreography                 * Best Emotional Presentation


Judging Criteria


Participants will be judges based on the following but not limited to;

Technique, Precision, Emotional Execution, Age Appropriateness, Costuming and Stage Presence




All decisions made by the judges are final