Age Divisions

5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17+

To determine proper age division, please average the ages of the students (drop the decimal point). Proof of age must be available if requested by the judging panel.


We have a digitized sound system and will require your music in the form of a file, MP3 or USB drive.  Your music MUST be sent to our sound manager as soon as you receive the final schedule.



Solo's, Duo's and Trio's  2 minute and 45 seconds max (contestants may perform a maximum of 2 solo's)

 Groups and Lines 3 minute max

Productions 6 minute max



The use of props are accepted in all categories. This includes hand held props such as canes, hats, fans, etc. Oversized, and/or self-standing props, such as cardboard scenery, will be accepted. Special equipment requiring electricity, smoke or fog machines, knives, fire or anything that may endanger other dancers are prohibited. The dance floor must be left in the same condition as when the dance began. Prop set up is limited to 30 seconds per number.


In order to maintain a high level of fairness and consistencey, it is of the utmost importance that students be placed in the appropriate category according to their true ability. Aside from the student's present training from your studio, it is important to consider any previous training from the other studios. If there are any questions in regard to ability, the judges reserve the right to move the dance into the proper level.

Please Note:


*   All entries must be suitable for family viewing. Sexually suggestive costumes, choreography or music will result in a 25 point reduction.

*   Videotaping and flash photography is prohibited and will result in disqualification.

*   Any routines that exceed the 3 or 6 minute limit will be penalized 5 points. Please time your music prior to our competition to avoid disappointed children and angry parents

*  All dance categories will be limited to 3 gymnastic tricks (cartwheels, walkovers etc.)    We have elected to exclude a gymnastic category at this time. We appreciate your cooperation.

*  Rehearsal on the performance stage is prohibited

*   There will be no coaching allowed during performances

*Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants. Any studio using fowl language or booing during routines will be disqualified. * No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium.